Some serious file searching

I’ve never really liked Windows Search; it’s slow, clunky and imprecise. Its file indexing can be intrusive and sometimes there are just too many irrelevant results to scroll through. Perhaps it’s my lack of skill using it and perhaps it’s now all a lot better in Windows 10. However, for some years now my first choice of desktop search tool has been Mythicsoft’s FileLocator Pro, the more mature sibling of the excellent free utility Agent Ransack.

I was first drawn to using FileLocator Pro when I wanted a way to search through a large MS Outlook PST archive without loading it into Outlook. In fact, to search a PST file using FileLocator Pro, you don’t even need to have Outlook installed. When searching through the PST file, FileLocator Pro will identify each individual item within the file as an email, a contact or a calendar item and treat it as a separate file. To make best use of this feature, rather than use the file name filter field i.e. *.pst, there is a dedicated switch to select ‘Outlook PST/MSG files’ on the options tab.

Outlook PST selectionWithout the switch the file is treated as a normal binary file.

FileLocator Pro doesn’t use file indexing saved to a database but is nevertheless surprisingly quick and accurate when simply searching for files, particularly when using well-formed search criteria. In fact now that I’ve upgraded my PC to using an SSD as my main drive I don’t want the extra wear of frequent writing to disc that comes with indexed searches.

FileLocator Pro can be as simple or complicated as you need it to be with either an Expert or a Basic operations interface selected using the ‘Expert User’ toggle.

FileLocator Pro Main Search WindowThe areas marked above are;

  1. Selection of the search criteria including file name filter, expression types, optional containing text, file size and modified dates etc.
  2. File list view for results
  3. Content view of file selected from results list including built-in text viewer.

FileLocator Pro provides enhanced support for searching and viewing text within Office, PDF files and compressed archives (i.e. zip, rar, 7z, jar, tar and others).

The options for searching for files and within files are too numerous to cover here but needless to say if you want to do some serious file searching then FileLocator Pro definitely has it covered.

Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro V7.5 is priced at $49.95 for a Standard license (for use on up to 3 Windows installations per licensed named user e.g. work, home, laptop) and can be downloaded with a 30 day trial at

4 Stars

You have files waiting …

If you’ve ever tried to burn files to a disc and it’s failed or you’ve abandoned the attempt for some reason, you can end up with the repetitive pop up balloon message “You have files waiting to be burned to disc ..” etc.

Files waiting pop up balloonTo get rid of this you need to navigate to the “Temporary Burn Folder”. The quick way in Windows 7 is to use the command

shell:cd burning

or you can copy and paste the following location into file explorer

%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Burn\Temporary Burn Folder

Select and delete all files within the folder (but not the folder itself).

What you need to know about domain name renewals

Buying domainsI’ve been messing about with websites both professionally and for fun for over 17 years. In that time I’ve registered many domain names including lots with the extension. Until fairly recently i.e. 1st May 2012, the rules were that registrations and renewals had a minimum registration period of two years. From that date however, they can now be registered for one year at a time instead of a minimum two years. That’s fine except that single year renewals apparently incur a registry surcharge, which is only slightly less than adding the second year.

The obvious conclusion is that a single year renewal is not very cost effective (unless you definitely only want to keep the domain for one year).

My domain registrar charges a mere £2.79 per year for a registration.

I don’t want to renew for just one year (especially if there’s a surcharge) so imagine my surprise when a couple of domains auto renewed for one year at £4.99 each, which is £2.79 plus a £2.20 surcharge. The annoyance was that every previous auto renewal had been the (now defunct) statutory two years.

I contacted my registrar, Domain Monster, to query their logic. Initial reactions were not good and they claimed that once the domain names were renewed they couldn’t do anything about it. However, after a follow-up email from me expressing my disappointment but praising their previous customer service, they re-considered.

Domain Monster stated that it is their standard policy in all accounts to set the default auto renewal term to the least expensive option. In most cases, this is a reasonable approach but DM agreed that in this case it was not the most cost effective way to renew the domains. As a consequence DM agreed to revert the renewals and the domains were renewed for a two year period at the standard rates. Result.

It is to Domain Monster’s credit that they not only understood the sense of the argument but they also acted upon it immediately within the working day. Experience has taught me that this sort of efficient and helpful level of customer service is a rarity.

For any domain registrar that you may use, make sure that your auto renewals are set to two years for all domains ending in .uk including, and, if you want to avoid paying a surcharge. Also make sure that you check for inflated renewal prices when buying cheap domains and the policy for transferring to another provider. On both these counts Domain Monster are excellent.

Domain Monster provides a full range of services for domain registration and management and remains my favourite domain registrar. Their prices are very competitive and their customer service is outstanding. Their website claims to offer “the best support in the industry” and I don’t disagree. I highly recommend them (and I’ve tried quite a few other providers over the years).

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