As an self employed, independent web consultant, I specialise in affordable websites for individuals and small businesses. These can be static sites or more usually are based on an open source content management system such as CMS Made Simple, Joomla! or WordPress.

My career started as a research scientist at the National Engineering Laboratory in Glasgow where I did a PhD in mathematical modelling. I later became a Principal Consultant in information engineering with responsibility for delivering projects such as the ‘UK Online for Business’ web portal for the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Business Link Directorate Intranet in 1998..

This gave me the idea that not only did I enjoy working with web technologies but that I might also be quite good at it. So I then setup and ran a successful internet solutions company in Scotland called Integrated Internet Solutions from 1999 delivering commercial B2B and B2C e-business solutions, content management systems, database applications and online marketing campaigns.

I was lured back into the corporate world for a while with the promise of power and riches before giving that up and setting up as an independent web consultant and sole trader under the name Touchline Solutions, based in Worcester, UK.

For those of you who would work for yourself – beware, it’s hard to go back to permanent employment. Although I’ve had some great bosses in my time, self employment makes you more acutely aware and intolerant of  when you’re working for a complete arsehole. When you’re self employed you just move on to your next contract but in permanent employment you may be stuck for too long while you seek out your next permanent post.

Now once again self employed, I only work with people that I like … life’s too short etc.

Be Cool.